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Tooth-Coluored Bonded Fillings in Kingston & Napanee

Don’t want to have your teeth treated with unattractive metal fillings? Fear not because Dr. David Craig has another option for you: Tooth-colored bonded fillings.  

Tooth-colored dental fillings are extremely attractive and offer a great value since they are matched to the unique shade / color of your healthy teeth. A specialized resin is highly durable and it bonds directly to your tooth’s structure. Once your tooth is gently prepared by your dentist, the dental bonding resin is applied and sculpted to its desired shape. Once the dentist is satisfied with its appearance, it is hardened with a special light, which literally bonds it to the tooth’s surface.

If you’re looking for an easy and natural looking way to restore your teeth, contact our Dentist in Kingston and Napanee Dr. David Craig today. We have dental clinics in both Kingston and Napanee, for your convenience. 


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