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Dental Implant Restoration in Napanee & Kingston, Ontario

Dental implants offer the most effective and permanent way to replace missing teeth. In fact, dental implants have been used for the past 20 years to help patients restore their smiles. Dental implants' technology continues to improve, affording our local Napanee and Kingston dental patients with the best aesthetic results possible. 

Dental implants offer the following advantages:

•    Long lasting results – with proper care can last a life time
•    Fully independent – don’t rely on other teeth to stay in place
•    Aesthetically pleasing – natural looking and attractive
•    High durability and stability – once the implants are placed, they stay firmly in place
•    Helps to minimize jawbone shrinkage – because the implant replaces your tooth’s root, it acts and functions just like your natural tooth.

To place your implant, titanium posts are surgically inserted in your jawbone. Once they are gently affixed in place, osseointegration takes place. This process occurs when the bone tissues bond together with the implant, fusing then together. Once your tissues have healed, a dental crown will be placed on top. 

Dr. David Craig will examine your mouth to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for implants. Implant restoration is most suitable for people with a healthy mouth and a fair amount of jawbone tissue. To find out if you’re a good candidate, contact our Kingston and Napanee Dentist today. 


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