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Root Canal Therapy in Napanee & Kingston, Ontario

Gentle Root Canal Therapy - Dentists in Napanee or Kingston

While root canal therapy may sound unpleasant, modern dental techniques have made the procedure essentially pain-free.

At the centre of each tooth is its dental pulp. Dental pulp is contained within your tooth’s inner, spongy structure and supplies your tooth with nerves. If the dental pulp becomes damaged or infected in some way, it can die and lead to the death of your tooth as well. Root canal therapy prevents teeth process from "killing" your tooth by having a Napanee / Kingston dentist remove the damaged / infected dental pulp before it can compromise the well being of your tooth. 

The dentist will first order an X-ray to check the health of your tooth. If it’s determined that a root canal treatment is needed, the problematic tooth will be numbed with anesthesia and opened up. The infected dental pulp is taken out and the tooth is refilled with a soft dental substance called gutta-percha. The area is then permanently sealed with gold, porcelain, an inlays/onlays or dental crown.

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